Adil Bradlow

SA Sends Diplomats to Egypt

Graeme Raubenheimer | about 12 hours 

South African cameraman Adil Bradlow and three of his colleaugues who are covering unrest in Egypt for news network Al Jazeera are being detained by authorities.
CAPE TOWN – Government says it’s trying to get more details around South African cameraman and photojournalist Adil Bradlow’s detainment in Egypt.
Bradlow was covering events in Cairo for Al Jazeera earlier this week when he and three of his colleagues were taken into custody for reasons still unknown.

International Relations’ Clayson Monyela says they have sent a diplomatic mission to meet with Adil Bradlow.

“The Ambassador in Houghton are in touch with the Egyptian authorities with regards to this issue. The department will be rendering consular assistance to him and his family.”

Bradlow’s friend Shafik Kassim says knowing Adil he normally pushes the envelope, adding he was trying to get some exclusive material.

Those close to Adil believe he knows how to hold his own in these types of situations.