Veteran Lensman Freed, In the UK

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Veteran South African photojournalist and videographer Adil Bradlow has been released from captivity in Egypt – and is currently spending time with his family in London. Bradlow was part of an Al Jazeera English crew that were taken by Egyptian authorities in Cairo on August 27. They were held without charge four days- and their equipment confiscated.

The Bradlow family would like to express their thanks to all well-wishers and supporters , to the media for ensuring Adil’s captivity remained in the spotlight -and to officials from the South African Department of International Relations and Co-operation (DIRCO) and the British Embassy Cairo for their efforts in securing his release.


Adil Bradlow Released: En Route to London

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South African cameraman Adil Bradlow and three of his colleagues who are covering unrest in Egypt for news network Al Jazeera are being detained by authorities.

Carmel Loggenberg | 33 minutes ago
CAPE TOWN – The Department of International Relations and Cooperation has confirmed the release of South African cameraman Adil Bradlow, who was detained in Egypt.

Bradlow and three of his colleagues were taken into custody while working for Al Jazeera in Cairo earlier this week.

The reasons for their detainment are still unclear.

The department’s Clayson Monyela says, “The department has received information from our people in Egypt that Bradlow has been released by the authorities. When we spoke to him earlier he was on his way to the airport. It’s good for his family and we’re relieved he’s on his way.”

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Al-Jazeera: Misr Banned, Premises Raided

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Reporters Without Borders condemns the raid by the security forces today on the offices of Al-Jazeera’s Egyptian TV channel, Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr, during which production and broadcasting equipment, including two vans and four cameras, were confiscated.

The raid follow a statement by the ministry of investment, information and communications technology and media on 28 August declaring Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr to be illegal.

Accusing the TV station of operating without a legal basis, inciting hatred and constituting a threat to national security, the ministry’s statement announced that it was banned it from operating in Egypt.

Six of the 10 journalists are currently detained in Egypt work for Al-Jazeera. They are Mohamed Badr, arrested on 15 July, Abdallah Al-Shami, arrested on 14 August, and a crew consisting of reporter Wayne Hay, cameraman Adil Bradlow and producers Russ Finn and Baher Mohamed, who were arrested in Cairo on 27 August.

The Cairo offices of two other news media have been the targets of raids by the Egyptian security forces in the past six weeks: the Iranian TV station Al-Alam on 20 July and Turkey’s Ihlas News Agency (IHA) on 20 August.

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SA Sends Diplomats to Egypt

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Graeme Raubenheimer | about 12 hours 

Cameraman Adil Bradlow
South African cameraman Adil Bradlow and three of his colleaugues who are covering unrest in Egypt for news network Al Jazeera are being detained by authorities.
CAPE TOWN – Government says it’s trying to get more details around South African cameraman and photojournalist Adil Bradlow’s detainment in Egypt.
Bradlow was covering events in Cairo for Al Jazeera earlier this week when he and three of his colleagues were taken into custody for reasons still unknown.

International Relations’ Clayson Monyela says they have sent a diplomatic mission to meet with Adil Bradlow.

“The Ambassador in Houghton are in touch with the Egyptian authorities with regards to this issue. The department will be rendering consular assistance to him and his family.”

Bradlow’s friend Shafik Kassim says knowing Adil he normally pushes the envelope, adding he was trying to get some exclusive material.

Those close to Adil believe he knows how to hold his own in these types of situations.


Adil Bradlow Exhibition: Grahamstown Festival

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Curated by Siona O’ Connell the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Curating the Archive (CCA), Martyrs, Saints and Sellouts brings together, for the first time, the photographs of anti-apartheid photographers, Benny Gool, Zubeida Vallie and Adil Bradlow, who as young photographers and friends, were to be found with their cameras documenting apartheid South Africa. Their impressive collections show us now, some nineteen years after the first democratic elections in South Africa, a vivid narrative of violence, loss and injuries, the reverberations of which are subdued in the rhetoric of the post-apartheid landscape.

– See more at:


First Contact

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Dusty Deployment

Photograph by National Geographic Channel

Helmand Province, Afghanistan: Dusty deployment with an Osprey.

View full Gallery here.


PROMO: Battleground Afghanistan

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This is the series promo for the new National Geographic series Battleground Afghanistan, shot during last year’s (2012) summer fighting campaign in northern Helmand Province. I was the Director of Photography on this series where we followed the lads of Golf company, 2nd Battalion 5th Marines over the course of their deployment.