CNN – Global Showcase

I spent eight years working at CNN during the first decade of this century and covered a range of truly dramatic and historic stories. Most significantly, I had the privilege of a front row seat on George Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ as it was rolled out from Afghanistan, and across the Middle East. This collection of news packages and features showcases some of the stories we covered and a whole lot more besides.

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Nat Geo: Battleground Afghanistan

This five part series was shot for the National Geographic Channel, and follows the exploits of the US Marines of Golf Company 2nd Battalion 5th Marines, and follows their deployment to Helmand Province in which the infiltrated behind enemy lines to disrupt and destroy Taliban Opium operations in the safe area of Zamindawar in northern Helmand Province during the summer fighting season in 2011.

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Channel 4 News

I have worked for Channel 4 News in Africa, the Middle East and here in Europe over the past decade working with some of their finest reporters including Lindsay Hilsum, and Matt Frei. Here is showcase some of the stories I have shot and edited for them.

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APTN – Afghanistan

During the course of 2010, I spent several months in Afghanistan working for APTN covering “the surge” by US forces in Kandahar and Helmand, embedded with US forces as they sought to re-establish control over the south of the country. Here I showcase much of that work.

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CBS News

During the course of 2018 to 2020 I worked extensively with CGTN’s Berlin correspondent Guy Henderson shooting and editing news reports from Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Syria and here in Europe in Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.

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